Discover Nobodinoz graphic, modern and colorful range of kid’s bedroom accessories.
Nobodinoz is a spanish company who creates products which combine quality, style and affordable prices. 
Nobodinoz wants to offer products that last and that have been developed and studied with care and perfection. 
Nobodinoz is a world where you will find decoration products that will fill your everyday with lots of charm and joy, combining with practicality and ingenuity. 
A strorage bag could be used to provide ample storage in a nursery and end up in a living room ! 
Nobodinoz is manufactured in Europe, between France and Spain, trusting the “know-how” and the dedication of their workshops regions. Special attention is given to choose the materials and dyes.              
I just love the storage bags. Nobodinoz patterns stand out of the crowd with their simple and contemporary style. Bring fun and style to your room with these lovely storage bags by Nobodinoz !