Goodnight light

Conceived by Lorena Canals and Eva Newton, Goodnight Light is a design studio based in Paris and Barcelona.  Its philosophy is driven by a belief that good design should play an integral role in the contemporary child's room. Great design isn't just for adults to enjoy. As such, Goodnight Light lamps are designed to appeal as much to kids as to grown ups and to fit into any environment. 

With clean lines, nostalgic references, and pertinent colours, each piece is an invitation to the imaginary; decorating interiors with dreamlike poetry.

Designed by Eva Newton, the Piña Colada lamp, proudly boasts the tiny imperfect details of the pineapple, emblem of welcome and hospitality, in all its splendour.

Each piece is handmade in Spain, moulded in vinyl, with an LED fixture, emitting a soft glowing light.   
35x15cm. Lamp supplied with a CE certified LED fixture, emitting 150 lumens 12v 2.5watts. LEDs have a life span of up to 50,000 hours. Emits no heat. Accepts 100V/240V 50-60Hz AC  for use in a variety of countries worldwide.